enhance existing solutions

Enhance existing solutions to ensure that we achieve desired quality of life outcomes. Outcomes that result in positive gains versus zero-sum gains. Our approach creates a compelling case for the creation of multiple realities where individuals:

Develop skills that create a ripple effect that scales economic impact beyond their immediate sphere of influence

Participate in programs that apply the apprenticeship model to all careers and industries to meet and exceed community needs.

Leverage their creative skills to support civil discourse and democracy through representation and learning of different cultures and subcultures.

Get to showcase and develop their talents, especially disaffected youth.

Have easier access to wealth-building opportunities


Every career in every industry is an apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship. Participants learn and earn as they deliver commercial products and services that address community needs.


Entrepreneurship is the economic backbone of our communities. Businesses create the products and services that address community needs. Entrepreneurs hire community members and others as they grow their businesses.


Develop a talent pipeline of individuals with entrepreneurial skills to lead organizations. Intrapreneurships allow employees to act as an entrepreneur in an organization. Intrapreneurs are self-motivated, proactive, and action-oriented people. They take the initiative to pursue innovative product and service ideas.

increase wealth participation

Equitable wealth participation is a major contributor to the growing wealth gap. This challenge continues even though most individuals have money deducted from their salary that is invested in a retirement account.

40% of Americans cannot pay a $400 emergency expense. We must practice good wealth behaviors to make them habits. We invest a portion of the compensation earned by our apprentices. Begin positive wealth behaviors early and often.